• Variable-Magic-0.55 VPIT

    Associate user-defined magic to variables from Perl.
    0.55    2014-10-20 23:45 UTC
            + Fix : [RT #99319] : t/18-opinfo.t: test failure due to change in
                    perl 5 blead
                    The new METHOP op class added in perl 5.21.5 is now supported.
                    Thanks James E Keenan for reporting.
  • Mojolicious-5.53 SRI

    Real-time web framework
    5.53  2014-10-20
      - Fixed bug in Mojo::Server where secondary groups were not reassigned
        correctly. (ksm, sri)
  • Ado-Plugin-Vest-0.03-TRIAL BEROV

    Messaging services for an Ado system!
  • Dancer-1.3132 YANICK

    lightweight yet powerful web application framework
    1.3132 2014-10-20
     - code churn: 1 file changed, 12 insertions(+), 6 deletions(-)
  • Tree-DAG_Node-1.23 RSAVAGE

    An N-ary tree
    1.23  Mon Oct 20 18:12:00 2014
    	- Change output format when using node2string(), which is called by tree2string().
    		Indentation which used to be '|---' is now '|--- '. So, a tree which used to be printed as:
    		|   |---::=
    		|   |---action
    		|   |---=>
    		|   |---[values]
    		Is now printed as:
    		|--- :default
    		|   |--- ::=
    		|   |--- action
    		|   |--- =>
    		|   |--- [values]
    		This makes the difference between node names ''/'-', '1'/'-1', etc, much clearer.
    		Apologies to anyone who runs tests which compare the output with pre-existing files.
  • MarpaX-Demo-StringParser-2.02 RSAVAGE

    Conditional preservation of whitespace while parsing
    2.02  Fri Oct 17 09:35:00 2014
    	- Add explicit start rule to BNF, although Marpa allows this to be optional.
    	- Expand the DASH definition of a graph to include starting or ending graphs with edges, or
    		using contiguous edges. Explain these are not accepted by Graphviz, but the default renderer
    		compensates, to keep Graphviz happy.
    	- Bump required version of Tree::DAG_Node to 1.23, because of the latter's recent change in
    		output format, as emitted by tree2string().
  • VM-EC2-Security-CredentialCache-0.18 RCONOVER

    Cache credentials respecting expriation time for IAM roles.
    Changes from 2013-10-20 00:00:00 +0000 to present.
  • App-Cmd-0.324 RJBS

    write command line apps with less suffering
    0.324     2014-10-20 18:22:25-04:00 America/New_York
              note that `cmd help` can take a subcommand in `cmd help help`
  • Config-Win32-1.01 DENDORY

    Load and save configuration values on Windows
    1.01	October 16
            POD fixes.
  • HTML-Video-Embed-0.016000 MARKELLIS

    convert a url into a html embed string
    0.016000 2014-10-30
        - Added secure mode - if in secure mode use https if supported, or return undef if not supported
        - Added version to modules, and check to not load modules with a missing/mismatched version
        - Deleted kontraband module as it's gone now
        - Delete yahoo screen module as it wasn't working properly
  • Etcd-0.003 ROBN

    Client library for etcd
    0.003     2014-10-21 08:17:12+11:00 Australia/Melbourne
     - handle JSON::XS booleans when creating response objects
     - explicitly require HTTP::Tiny >= 0.014
  • Device-BusPirate-0.05 PEVANS

    interact with a Bus Pirate device
    0.05    2014/10/20 22:04:21
             * Support I2C mode
             * Provide 'enter_mutex' method on main Device::BusPirate object;
               document its use by the SPI and I2C modes
             * Migrate power/pullup/aux peripheral methods to common Mode base
  • DhMakePerl-0.84 DAM

    create Debian source package from CPAN dist
    0.84 (2014-10-20)
      [ Axel Beckert ]
      * t/*.t: use dh-make-perl without path instead of $Bin/../dh-make-perl if
        $ADTTMP is set
      * Add project-.proverc to enforce running with -j1 to avoid race conditions
      [ Salvatore Bonaccorso ]
      * Create packages using Standards-Version 3.9.6
      * Use Standards-Version 3.9.6 in testsuite control files
      [ gregor herrmann ]
      * Add 'Testsuite' as a valid field to Debian::Control::Stanza::Source.
      [ Damyan Ivanov ]
      * create debian/upstream/metadata in 'make' mode
      * make: add Testsuite: autopkgtest-pkg-perl source header in pkg-perl mode
      [ gregor herrmann ]
      * t/dists.t: check for $ENV{ADTTMP} in all dh-make-perl invocations.
      * Mark package as autopkgtest-able.
    0.83 (2014-08-04)
      [ Salvatore Bonaccorso ]
      * Update Vcs-Browser URL to cgit web frontend
      * Update repository URL in Build.PL to the cgit web frontend
      * When creating debian/control file use cgit web frontend URL for the
        Vcs-Browser field
      * Upse cgit web frontend whean searching for pkg-perl package repositories
      [ Damyan Ivanov ]
      * HOWTO.release: increase version after tagging
  • Filesys-POSIX-0.9.16_0001 XAN

    Provides POSIX-like filesystem semantics in pure Perl
  • HTML-Widgets-NavMenu-ToJSON-v0.0.4 SHLOMIF

    convert HTML::Widgets::NavMenu to JSON
    0.0.4   2014-10-20
            - Build.PL dep on JSON::MaybeXS instead of JSON.pm.
            - Add scripts/bump-version-number.pl
            - Add scripts/tag-release.pl
  • WWW-Mechanize-Firefox-0.77 CORION

    use Firefox as if it were WWW::Mechanize
    0.77 20141020
        + Actually support coordinates for ->click({...}, $x, $y )
        . Test fixes
  • MozRepl-RemoteObject-0.38 CORION

    treat Javascript objects as Perl objects
    0.38 20141020
        . Pass through parameters for ->__event()
          This allows ->__click() to pass in x,y coordinates
  • HTML-Widgets-NavMenu-ToJSON-v0.0.3 SHLOMIF

    convert HTML::Widgets::NavMenu to JSON
    0.0.3   2014-10-20
            - Convert to JSON::MaybeXS and make sure the order of the keys
            is canonical.
  • Term-Menus-2.84 REEDFISH

    Create Powerful Terminal, Console and CMD Enviroment Menus
    2014-10-20  Brian M. Kelly  <Brian.Kelly@fullautosoftware.com>
            * Version 2.84
            * Updated Forms to save values that can now be accessed
              from other menus and result routines.
  • Net-FullAuto-0.999999999922 REEDFISH

    Perl Based Secure Distributed Computing Network Process
    2014-10-20  Brian M. Kelly  <Brian.Kelly@fullautosoftware.com>
            * Version 0.999999999922 released.
            * Can now use Term::Menus Forms with FullAuto.
            * Updated Amazon EC2 install to activate access key
            * New version of Term::Menus paired with this release.